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All Of our safety officers keep the guidelines and guidelines of our clients as well as our own. They should peruse the work manual, log and take notes everyday for extra directions. They should follow the post requests of the clients.


Under the Guidelines and Guidelines of our organization, our gatekeepers must, particularly at any locales by which one watchman eases another, be available on time to get a careful summary of the site.


We accept that preparing will set up our officials for genuine circumstances at our client post. Recruiting the greatest people with the best senses for the work is significant

Trained agents

Our security agents are highly trained and skilled and have extensive experience in the security

licensed & insured

We are a licensed, bonded and insured security company serving clients from all industries.

24/7 security services

We are operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your business and personal safety and security.
About Us

Introducing A&A Security Group

A&A Security Group Services is a Patriotic Security Company serving the great country of the United State of America. We are located in Southern California and currently serve and provide professional security services to the entire state. Our mission is to serve our clients with professional, respectful, affordable and elite security guards. 

With over 30 years of experience, we are a dedicate security firm that is fully staffed and ready to serve you. We offer a wide range of Security Services to tailor to your needs. Request a Quote Today!

We provide many levels of service and have implemented on-going training and education programs that keep our guards up to date on the latest security issues. Our main focus is offering our clients and partners security that exceeds their expectations and safety. Remember, you can never put a price on safety.

We live by a mission: Improving The Way The Nation is Secured. We look forward to serving and protecting you. As an American owned company, we take pride in serving our country and protecting and serving the people.

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You can rely on us for safe and effective security. Our goal is your protection

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A&A Security Group has over 30 years of Security experience in the industry. Due to our professionalism, hard work and high ethical standard, we have been been able to attain steady growth and secure our position in leading private security in California. Our motto is “Securing Every Step.” Every day, we are committed to delivering premier security solutions to enhance safety and protection. Always remember, that you cannot put a price on safety.